How to Make Money Online Without a Website

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

The internet is the best paying job. It is a virtual world of interconnected computer networks, where anyone with a web-enabled computer can go online and earn some extra cash or become the next self made Internet millionaire.

Yes, you can make money on the Internet without startup capital, online experience and in the absence of a website. Not having the use or benefit of a website or blog never deprived me from earning nearly a million dollars online.

Sure, a dot-com can expand your online money-making potential. But to setup a location connected to the Internet cost dough. And if your lacking funds, how are you going to afford a website, let alone inventory.

Not sure how to get started? Monetize your expertise—whether in web development or website analysis—is one way to make money without a website. But others are also popping up, such as getting paid to test websites or web content creation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re short of money, lacking a website or deprived on Internet know-how. If you follow these rules, you’ll successfully learn how to make money online without a website. 

Make money with web development

A great way to make money without having your own website is to build them for others.  Web development is the art of designing websites for individuals and companies.  A person with these skills will enjoy the high demand necessary to make a big income.

Once you’ve learned coding and have explored some web development software, you’re ready to start making piles of cash as a web developer.  You can use pre-built themes and/or templates to build your websites that will please your clients. 

Using sites such as UpWork of PeoplePerHour, plus job boards, you can build up a client base.  Be sure to deliver above-and-beyond quality so you’ll be able to get more work.  While bringing in a nice income this way, you’ll also be able to start charging higher rates and escalate your money making efforts.

Making money through web development will allow you to be your own boss and experience freedom while making good pay.

Earn money with web content creation

Even without your own website, you can earn great money online.  If you have writing skills, you can work in web content creation, supplying all-important text for websites.

The words on a website are extremely important, since they are searched by google and bring traffic to web pages.  Google will penalize websites for grammatical errors and for not providing useful content.  Therefore, writers are in demand as much now as ever.

Content marketing is a popular approach, meaning to provide content to your audience rather than just giving them advertisements.  Every company, big or small, is putting out content, and they don’t have the time or skill to write it themselves.

If you can honestly say you have basic writing skills, content creation may be a good way for you to enjoy the freedom of working from home.

Make a profit as a website SEO analyst

Working as an SEO analyst is extremely lucrative, a work-at-home opportunity with a very high ceiling in terms of cash flow. 

SEO, or search engine optimization is all the rage in the digital world.  Websites have to be optimized so they’ll rank as high as possible in google and other search engine results.  This means using the right keywords, plus linking to and being linked from high-profile sites and other elements.

Being an SEO analyst can be a full-time job, since it’s too hard for web designers to do SEO themselves.  If you can learn the ins and outs of SEO you can make a mint.  You can work on various freelance websites or market yourself on the web, using your own SEO skills to do so. 

You can make six figures a year as an SEO analyst, so what are you waiting for?

Get paid testing websites

Contrary to popular belief, people who don’t own their own websites can still make money online.  In fact, it can be all about other people’s websites, because you can get paid very good money for testing websites. 

This service is often called user testing, and it’s one of the fastest ways to make money online while working from home.  It offers incredible flexibility, since you can take as many or as few tests as you’d like. 

Some tests are geared toward cell phones, but some can be used with laptops or desktops.  You usually have to do a few things the sites want you to test out, and you leave feedback.  Sometimes you can do so verbally, and the whole process usually doesn’t take more than twenty minutes.  In a lot of cases you bring in about $10 in that time, so it’s like $30 per hour.  Testing websites can bring in some real cash, making it a great supplement to your income.

The bottom line

Yes, you need a web-enabled computer and Internet service to make money online. But you can still rake in the dough without a website or blog.

But to be successful, you cannot continue to be the type of Internet entrepreneur that keeps asking “how can I make money online without a website?” or “how to make money online without blogging?”.  Stop asking, start doing.

Now go online already. The World Wide Web is waiting.

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