How to Make Money Online Selling eBooks

How to Make Money Online Selling e-Books

It pays cash to cast your financial net online, where handing over e-books in exchange for money can earn Internet riches.

Sure, the World Wide Web is saturated with people selling digital books. In spite of the fact, offering up for sale an electronic version of a printed book is the Internet’s best paying job.

Never doubt the Internet’s mind-blowing ability to create wealth or its ability to make you the next online millionaire. When it comes to selling e-books, anyone wired to the Web has a chance for virtual employment, fame and fortune.

How to get started? Monetize your expertise — whether you put up for sale your own e-book or persuade someone to buy another person’s electronic book — is one of many ways to make money selling e-books online.

Yes, a web-enabled computer and high-speed Internet connection is needed to sell e-books. If you’re cash-strapped, and cannot afford network connectivity at home, you can acquire free Internet access at a cybercafe.

It’s true, cyberspace is global system of interconnected computer networks, where e-book sellers are earning a sizable income online. Follow these simple money-making rules, and you’ll learn how to make money online selling e-books.

What is an ebook?

An e-book or ebook is an electronic version of a printed book, termed digital book or electronic book. It is a book that is read on an electronic device, such as an e-reader, computer, smartphone or any device designed for this purpose.

e-Books are designed to be published online and downloaded over the Internet. To make this type of digital media transmittable via Internet, the e-book is converted into PDF format, which is a file format that provides images, text and graphics that look identical to a printed book.

Many e-book sellers offer their books for sale on digital e-commerce sites like PayLoadz or TradeBit dot-com. It takes only minutes to become a merchant and start selling digital downloads. When a sale is generated, you get paid directly into your PayPal account.

How to make money selling e-books you own?

There are two ways to make money selling e-books online. You can promote other people’s books or earn income self-publishing.

Self-publishing is the act of producing your own work and independently sell the work at one’s own expense. Therefore, you will need to create an e-book containing information people want or need—and flip the book for a profit.

A perfect example might be to create a book about “How I Made $10,000 Per Month Blogging”,  “Computer Networking Guide for Beginners” or  “How Data Networks Work: Introduction to Data Networking”.

Preferably a book should be in high demand. It should target a large audience. If it doesn’t, create more e-books until you’ve targeted 25% of the population.

Check out the images below of my online earnings from PayLoadz dot-com. Those are snapshots of just one of my accounts.

How I made $53,156.11 selling e-books online.

How I make $2.36K per month selling ebooks online.

How to make money selling e-books other people own?

Another way to make money selling e-books is through affiliate marketing, which is a marketing arrangement by which a merchant pays you a commission for each sale you generate.

Lets say your passion is to make money using the Internet to build a second income. Lets also say you do not have the time or patience to create your own e-book. You could just promote someone else’s book on TradeBit or Amazon dot-com.

This saves you valuable time that is better spent building Web traffic to the e-book. It makes more sense to me to focus my efforts in building traffic on YouTube or through a personal website because you’ll need online shoppers to make sales.

Once a large amount of Web traffic is built up, start pitching ebooks and watch the constant stream of e-cash flow in. Want to hear something crazy? Within the last 10 years I’ve managed to net over $1,000,000.00 dollars online—without even trying.

Here are snapshots of sales I have generated in the last six months. Again, I have other accounts, including on Amazon.

How to Make Money Selling e-Books Online?

The bottom line

Yes, you need a computer that is wired to the Web and a high-speed Internet connection to rake in the dough selling e-books.

But to be successful, you cannot be one of those Internet entrepreneurs that keep asking the question “do people really make money by publishing ebooks online” or “how much money can you make selling books on Amazon?”.

At some point you need to stop asking questions and just do it! Now get your computer hooked up to the Internet and go online. You’ll do great!

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