How to Make Money Online for Beginners

How to Make Money Online for Beginners

It pays hard cash to cast financial net online, where there are a wealth money-making opportunities for beginners and inexperienced newcomers.

Whether you’re a semi-newbie or a person just starting to learn an online skill, the Internet is the world’s best paying job. It is a digital web of interconnected computer networks where any novice with a web-enabled computer and uninterrupted high-speed Internet connection can earn large amounts of money.

How to get started on the Net? Monetize your expertise — whether making money online in the Forex market or converting your expert knowledge into the form of currency — is one way for beginners to make money online. But others are also popping up, such as blogging for cash.

No startup capital or e-business experience? No problem! Hundreds of beginner friendly online businesses require little to no e-learning or seed money. And with a bit of free learning conducted via electronic media, you can learn how to make money online for beginners immediately.

Follow this beginners guide and you’ll find the World Wide Web awash in easy money.

Make Money Online in the FOREX Market

FOREX (or foreign exchange) trading is a lucrative way to use money to make money. In fact, FOREX trading is just a fancy name for buying and selling foreign currencies online and can boost your income beyond your wildest dreams.

If you believe the Japanese yen is on its way up, purchase it with U.S. dollars. When the yen’s value increases, sell it and use that profit to invest in more currency. With the right knowledge, you can trade global currencies for large profits from the comfort of your own home. FOREX trading allows you to earn big bucks simply by hanging out on the World Wide Web.

You can start FOREX trading – and earning — immediately. Since FOREX markets run 24-hours-a-day, you can use the net to start making a bundle of money right now. Cyberspace allows you to trade when most convenient for you, and while FOREX trading may happen in the virtual world, the cash you’ll earn is real!

FOREX trading can massively grow your net worth because it’s a highly liquid market that doesn’t rely on individual companies or commodities. FOREX trading is a wildly lucrative opportunity anyone ready to make big money can pursue.  

Make Money Online Blogging for Cash

Make money as a beginner controlled by or connected to another computer or to a network.
This novice blogger is already averaging $210 per month on Amazon with a 3 page 2 month old blog.

Blogging for cash is a serious Internet business. And everyone who blogs online started as a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a person who is new to or inexperienced at blogging, you can still make a fortune online.

I was a greenhorn once, and I quickly rose through the ranks to become a six-figure earner. What do I blog about? Well, that’s a secret. But here’s some valuable advice…blog about expensive items, then monetize the blog with Amazon banners.


  1. Go to DreamHost dot-com and set up a weblog, aka blog.
  2. Write about a topic and add the new material in your blog.
  3. Go to Amazon and signup for an Associates Account.


  1. Monetize your blog posts with Amazon product banners.

How much can you earn as an Amazon associate? Earn up to 10% advertising fees as a beginner blogger. So basically, if a visitor on your site clicks on an Amazon product banner, then purchases the item, you get a cut.

The good news: You get a share of the profits for the entire basket. If an e-shopper buys the item you are promoting, then purchases a Sharp LC-8OUQ17U 80-inch $7,686.80 LED TV, your cut is $500 to $780.00. That ain’t chump change!

Monetize your Expertise to Make Money Online

Revenue earned while connected to the Internet selling e-books.
My earnings from just one account where I sell e-books in cyberspace. That’s $50,373 in less than 7 months.

Have an expert skill or specialize knowledge in a particular field? Well, why not convert your skill into the form of currency?

Make money by selling online courses. Some people surf the Web for entertainment but most navigate through the World Wide Web to learn a skill or to gain knowledge about a particular subject.

It is the perfect opportunity to earn money online with a how-to course or to earn money creating and selling ebooks. If you do not have a course of your own to sell, earn money online with affiliate marketing — selling other peoples courses.

I have literally made over 1,000,000.00 selling digital goods. Yes, $1 million dollars, as in cold hard American made cash. Most of the money I have made came from selling other peoples digital products but I have made good money selling my own e-courses.

Digital marketplaces like PayLoadz dot-com allow you to sell your own e-books or to sell other peoples electronic books while Shopify and Udemy are great places to sell online video courses. These sites are also beginner friendly.

The Bottom Line

It is a fact, the Internet is the world’s best paying job and your best shot at getting rich quickly, especially as a rookie.

But you cannot keep asking the question, “ how to make money online for beginners” or “what is the best way for a beginner to start making money online”. Stop asking and start doing.

Now get your computer wired to the Net and get electronically connected. You’ll do great!

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